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Person Centred Therapy

couples-therapyCouples Therapy

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Welcome to Witsend 2 Wellbeing

Suzanne McIntyre practices as an NHS Accredited CBT Psychotherapist and in Private Practice.

Are you thinking therapy might be what you need currently?

Is it anxiety or depression that is troubling you, maybe family expectations or issues relating to bereavement? Perhaps it’s relationship difficulties or events and challenges that are impacting your self-esteem? There are many different experiences and dilemmas that can lead people onto therapy.

Have you ever found, no matter how hard you try, parts of your life remain quite perplexing and hard to come to terms with. Therapy can really help you get in touch with such elusive, often difficult aspects. Through the course of therapy, together we will discuss the patterns of the past and new ways of proceeding in the future.

We live in a very complex and at times lonely world, which has many pressures that can trigger varied psychological issues in us. With over a decade of experience, Suzanne would like to help you find a way through your current difficulties.


“I offer a confidential non-judgemental place where you can be free to bring and explore what matters to you. I work with diagnosed mental health disorders, with feelings of anxiety, with low self-esteem and with difficult relationships in all aspects of our lives.”

“My therapeutic approaches are tailored to the individual or couple. The therapy process could involve helping with current distress, despair and struggles and their impacts on daily life or simply getting to know yourself and/or your relationships better.”

– Suzanne McIntyre

Entering into any form of Psychotherapy or Counselling requires a firm commitment on the part of the individual in distress as well as open communication.

Potential areas to be explored in therapy

  • Affairs and betrayals
  • Postnatal depression, infertility

  • Phobias, compulsions, ritualistic behaviour and OCD
  • Miscarriage or abortion
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, confusion, fear or feelings of not coping
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Separation, divorce, stress at work, midlife crisis
  • Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical and domestic abuse
  • Low self esteem, lack of confidence, feelings of worthlessness
  • Post-traumatic stress (PTSD) Single or multi-trauma experience
  • Relationship issues, family discord
  • Depression, low mood, tearfulness and intense sadness
  • Health problems, life threatening and terminal illness
  • Anger, rage, self-harm, jealousy and bullying
  • Life changes, loss of meaning and purpose in life, redundancy or retirement

Together we will identify the most suitable therapeutic approach for your needs.