FequentlyAsked Questions

Do they hold a professional qualification? If so it is recommended that you check the therapist is listed on one of the registers of approved practitioners.
No you do not need a GP to refer you, self-referral can be made, either by email or telephone. However, it would be wise to inform your GP you are receiving therapy.
Be sure the Therapist you are thinking about contacting is qualified and registered and/or accredited and then have a conversation with them. This is my reason for offering a 30min free initial meeting as it is important you feel comfortable and safe with the Counsellor/Psychotherapist you have chosen.
A Psychotherapist is a trained individual who is able to offer a form of counselling to clients. Someone with the same qualifications however, may decide to be called a Counsellor instead.

Generally a practitioner offering short-term treatment is known as a Counsellor. An individual with 2 or more years of training may opt to be known as a Psychotherapist.

The title Counsellor appears less intrusive and more acceptable than the name Psychotherapist may suggest.

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